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Player's Name: Maya
Are you over 16? Yep!
Characters Played Here: None!

Character: Ulysses
Series/Canon: Fallout: New Vegas
From When? Post-Lonesome Road

History: From the same universe as Elle
(I've okay'd this with Elle-mun!)

Following the "Good" Ending: Elle not kill Ulysses, and they fight their way out of his "temple". He remains in the Divide, his new goal being to keep Marked Men out of the Mojave if he can help it. Whether he stays as punishment to himself or out of a sense of duty is unknown.

Ulysses is a very troubled individual. Seeing the destruction of his tribe, the Twisted Hairs, and then the destruction of the Divide, which he considered a new home, traumatized him greatly. Having barely survived the disaster of the Divide, he became obsessed with history's symbols and Courier Six, who he held responsible for the Divide's destruction. He firmly believes that the actions of an individual can affect history and, eventually, become symbols. However, his discussion will Elle has lead him to also believe that symbols can change from something destructive to something better.
Ulysses is a bit hard to understand, at first; he talks in a way that is fragmented and mildly confusing to those who don't understand his thought processes. But he is also almost eternally patient; he'll answer any questions that people have about what he means (in the same abstract, fragmented way but it at least helps clear things up a bit). Even if the Courier is a woman assigned to the Legion and she insults his manhood, he takes it in stride; however, it takes him a moment to understand what she means, which suggests that he also has trouble understanding others--or, at least, understanding crude references.
Serving for Caesar as long as he did, Ulysses is a professional tracker and warrior; at one point, he had a very "forceful" personality. He can be rather intimidating at times, mostly due to his experience and weathered appearance, but also due to the conviction he speaks with. Ulysses is firm in his beliefs, to the point of almost being unreasonable if it wasn't for the fact that he can be swayed to question them by someone who knows what to say. But persuading him takes a lot of work and a tongue made of at least 85% pure silver.
Although he's no longer a part of Caesar's Legion, he still shows quite a bit of sympathy for the men he once considered brothers; he simply believes that they've taken the wrong path. This shows in how he refers to them, using the classical Latin pronunciation of Caesar that is favored by the Legion,"kai-sahr", instead of "see-ser"; what kept him loyal to the Legion is unknown, but he seemed to really look up to Caesar until he became obsessed with Hoover Dam. He also has a passionate dislike of the NCR, but it is moreso because they tried to annex the Divide, a thriving independent community, and in turn drew the Legion to it.
He can hold one hell of a grudge, but often doesn't express it--at least, not in an obvious way. Instead, he lets anger build up until he cracks, which often leads to extreme decisions that effect everyone around him. But thankfully, he can easily be talked down from his rage. He also shows some semblance of sympathy towards others, if only out of curiosity of their purpose and goals; he saved Christine in Big MT and let her recuperate in his hideout while discussing the Brotherhood and Elijah.

Why do you think your character would work in this setting?
Ulysses mainly accepted Eli's offer based on the idea of witnessing the beginning of a new community; he thought of how the Divide had once been: flourishing, the start of something new and pure. Of course, he had some doubts, but his position in the Divide was questioned after a visit from Elle, with featured a very long conversation about roads and where they end. And Elle convinced him that maybe his road hasn't ended yet. And he wagers that six months is more than enough time for him to decide where he's needed more.
Aside from being a skilled tracker and warrior, Ulysses also spent some time as a rancher, raising Bighorners and farming, so there might be some place for him there. He is also obsessed with history and its preservation, so work as a librarian might also be ideal, but paired with his patience he might also make a good teacher.


1x Ulysses' Duster
1x Ulysses' Mask

Underneath the duster, he wears basic black pants with kneepads, black boots, a shirt, a tribal necklace, and a bandoleer.


1x Old Glory
1x 12.7mm Sub-Machine Gun
50x spare 12.7mm ammo

6x Stimpaks
3x Med-X


Third-Person Sample:
Provide at least three hundred words showing you've got a grasp of how you play your character. Strong preference is given to links to past threads or samples written within this game's setting.

First-Person Sample:
A ten-sentence sample of a first-person communication from your character. Strong preference is given to a sample written as a letter or diary entry, but past network and Dear_Mun posts are acceptable, too. Please note that brackets (actions/third-person narration) within the post will not count towards the sentence requirement.

Replies to other characters' posts are also acceptable, so long as the 10-sentence minimum is met. However, you may be asked to provide more if this is not deemed sufficient.


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